Flag Hoisting – 14th January

Feast day Holy Mass & car procession – 23rd January.

Annual Pilgrimage Walk in October:

Every year on the First Saturday of the month of OctoberAnnual Pilgrimage Walk(Pathayathirai) is held from Ulundurpet to Our Lady of Periyanayagi Shrine Konankuppamstarting at 2.00 p.m. At the end of the Pathayathirai there will be a Holy Mass in the Shrine.Thousands of people participate in this walking pilgrimage which is 10 kilometres. Participation in the Pilgrimage Walk will be a spiritual renewal for many.


A Good number of catholic faithful from the neighbouring villages throng the shrine to celebrate the Easter TriduumEaster Celebrations, (Moundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday). This is a long standing custom which was carried down the ages.

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