My daughter Jenifer could not speak until the age of four. From her age of four from Chennai we used to visit Our Lady of Perianayagi Shrine, Konankuppam. By the powerful intercession of Our Lady of Perianayagi she began to speak well. She studied well. After completing 12th grade she finished B. Pharm and got a good job. At the age of 24 she got married to a good husband on 20th June 2019. We have come to the Shrine of Perianayagi to thank her for all her love and blessings on Jenifer and to all our family members.
Walter family from Chennai


PerianayagiAnnai Shrine was constructed by the great missionary Fr.Beshi. The place where the shrine is located was once a forest place. People used to come here for feeding their flocks…

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As a Church, we have been actively conducting celebrations and activities. Here are some of the sample pics from the events.

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View of our beautiful shrine.


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